Walk (run) for Prems!

Red Beard Racing are teaming up with Team Finn to create Finn’s RBR for the 5km and 10km Walk for Prems at Albert Park on 27 October, 2013.

It’s a cause close to our hearts as my sister recently gave birth to little Finn at 29 weeks and 5 days on the 22nd April this year. Finn stayed in ICU at the Monash Hospital for what felt like an eternity to me (and which must have felt like 1,000 eternities to my sister!)  before moving on to Waverly Private Hospital and then finally home. There was a few ups and downs along the way, nothing that little Finn and his Mum and Dad couldn’t handle though. He’s already kicked ass in the toughest fight of his life, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

As soon as Finn can walk, uncle Luke will be teaching him how to run.

If you’d like to join Finn’s RBR for a 5km or 10km run or walk, click here or if you’re feeling generous and want to make a donation, click here.

Today’s words by: Lightning

Finn in his first week hooked up to every machine in the world
Finn the Fighter Pilot. He was very happy the day the tubes came out.
Finn’s sign for the hospital crib so all the other kids knew who was boss.
Finn down to 1 tube and able to go on outings out of the humidicrib!
Finn now – happy, healthy and strong!

The point of no return

After months of speculation, we’re happy to announce that the Bearders are somewhat injury free and have hence officially signed up in the 2 x 50km relay of the Surf Coast Century! 

The cat is out of the bag
The cat is out of the bag

The last couple of months have gone something like this:

Dumpling v. Training
Fig. 1 – Dumpling v. Training

The above results show a clear correlation between the increase in training and the reduction of dumplings. Previous studies have shown this correlation to be a key factor in reduction of athlete weight as well as increase in aerobic capacity.

A final 17km at Lysterfield was run this morning with the boys officially moving into taper and carbo loading mode (inverse of Fig. 1).

Red Beard Racing Groupies @ Lysterfield
Red Beard Racing Groupies @ Lysterfield

There is no doubt that next Saturday will be a big challenge for us but we’re sure to do it in the Red Beard Racing style – with a beard and smile on and beers afterwards.

Stay tuned for a full race report in the week following.


Trail Runner Magazine Launch – 15th August 2013

Just a quick one to report on The Red Bearders attending their first team function! We were very pumped to score some invites to the formal launch of Trail Run magazine a couple of weeks ago at Sister Bella bar in the Melbourne CBD. It was an excellent night out with great chats with fellow trail nerds and some inspiring words from Richard Bowles and the team at Adventure Types. The night concluded with some very generous giveaways of trail-running goodies. Lightning struck gold and won a pair of Salomon Missions which he was stoked with. He was so impressed that he gave them a test run from the station back home with a bellyfull of beer, pizza and dumplings…not a bad effort! Overall a great evening and the Red Bearders run of luck with winning free stuff continues.

A big thanks to Trail Runner magazine and Adventure Types for a fantastic night!

Lessons learnt:

  • The fellas at Adventure Types have friggin sweet jobs….who wouldn’t kill to have “Adventure Consultant” on their business card?
  • Lightning is the king of winning stuff…he probably needs to go get a lottery ticket
  • Shanghai Village proved itself yet again as the king of post-event feeds. And it doesn’t matter what event – magazine launchs, running events, Bar Mitzvahs….there’s never a bad time for Shanghai dumplings.
Like a scene from Cinderalla....Lightning hoping the Salomons will fit...and they did!
Like a scene from Cinderalla….Lightning hoping the Salomons will fit…and they did!
The happy team (of course an open bar helps!)
The happy team at RBR (of course an open bar helps!)
Simon from Adventure Types
Simon from Adventure Types
Lightning proudly showing off his new wheels
Lightning proudly showing off his new wheels
King Richard
King Richard
Where every good night out should end...
Where every good night out should end

Todays words brought to you by: The Judge