Races – Results and Upcoming

Completed Races

July 21st 2013 – You Yangs Trail Run

21 September 2013 – Surf Coast Century 100km

21 September 2013 – Melbourne Marathon (Judge) and 10km (Balboa)

Upcoming Races

27 October 2013 – Geoff Watt Half Marathon

27 October 2013 – Walk for Prems (guest appearance in Team Finn) 5/10km

17th November – Marysville Marathon Festival

12 January 2014 – 2 Bays Trail Run 28km


2 thoughts on “Races – Results and Upcoming

  1. Fantastic review lightning. Would you be able to post training schedules of the red beard team and it’s hanger ons. If I recall I once heard two young fine looking chaps discussing a predicted times graph that was doing the email rounds of melbournes corporate fraternity. I think his name was cheetah!

    1. Thank you, Ironman. Forget the graphs, there is a new prize up for grabs – the Golden Boot – first to do the handicap in under 20 mins. Balboa and Judge are only 10 – 15 seconds off. Hurry up and come back to claim it!

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