Surf Coast solo jaunt – 11th August 2013

A few pictures from The Judge’s solo jaunt yesterday out to Anglesea to run a section of the Surf Coast track. I ran east from Anglesea, out past Point Addis then back for an even 20km. I’d hoped to go further but the shin splints were giving me grief.

Perfect weather and sublime single track – it doesn’t get much better!

IMG_1104 IMG_1111

Nude trail-running anyone?
Nude trail running anyone?
Pt Addis selfie
Pt Addis selfie

IMG_1113 IMG_1107

Pt Addis beach - great to look at, shit to run on
Pt Addis beach – great to look at, rubbish to run on


Fun techy stuff
Fun techy stuff nearing home

Lessons Learnt:

  • Surf Coast trails rock (but we already knew that)
  • Shin splints are rubbish – but are entirely The Judges fault for ramping up the mileage way too quickly
  • Anglesea Fish and Chips makes for one of the all-time best post-run feeds.

Can’t wait to get back on these trails in 6 weeks time for the Surf Coast Century. Red Beard Racers are hopefully getting a team up for the men’s pairs (if our bodies can get us to the start line!).

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